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A website content writer or web content writer is an individual who specializes in providing relevant text content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and every website requires different types of content. Each Website completely works on niche and that niche market requires some short and specific writing available every time. Website Content Writing is totally based on experience of the writer. The writer should use words to attract and retain a customer of a website throughout the writing. Writing style matters too. Writing method should be in form of a story created on the spot. Quick analysis and quick thinking are the best tools for a website content writer. So, writing should be kept short and concentrated on a specific topic only. An original and effective material does not contain too many keywords. Such a thing can make a visitor bored and keep him away from browsing the Web page ever again. Web Content writers must be capable of adapting their writing to the varying demands of different websites. Most of their work centers on marketing products or services that particular websites are selling or endorsing.

SEO Copywriting Packages
Details Quantity Individual Rate *** Cost (INR)
Web Content Writing
( 300 - 400 words )
10 pages INR 799 per page 7,990
25 pages INR 550 per page 13,750
Article Writing
( 400 - 500 words )
+ 25 Articles INR 799 per article 19,975
50 Articles INR 640 per article 32,000
Press Release Writing
( 400 - 500 words )
10 Press Releases INR 799 per
Press Release
Blog Writing
( 300 - 400 words )
20 Blog INR 799 per Blog 15,980
+ 20 Blog INR 550 per Blog 11,000
Note :
We will also help you to customize the SEO Copywriting Packages as per your need.

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